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Watch Holborn V.P. Dan Zitelli’s 2015 RMS Exceedance Conference Presentation

On Thursday, May 21, Holborn hosted a WebEx with Vice President Dan Zitelli presenting a talk he originally gave at the RMS Exceedance conference. The main takeaways from the discussion were:

  • Given the many shortcomings of the Cat Models, prudent risk management involves creating one’s own view of catastrophe risk.
  • Improving data and using deterministic loss scenarios are two ways to help develop a customized view of cat risk.
  • Breaking EP curves down into the component parts, that are innately understood, helps create clarity in cat model results.
  • Using actual cat experience to compare with model results can lead to a greater understanding of the role of models in an organization’s risk management.

The full presentation is available in the video below.

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