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Holborn Corporation Announces Ring of Honor Distinction to Tammy Bouska

Holborn Corporation (Holborn), a U.S.-based independent reinsurance broker, announced the recognition of Ms. Bouska into its Ring of Honor at Holborn’s recent employee-owned shareholders’ meeting.

Holborn’s Ring of Honor was established in 2020, the year of the firm’s centennial celebration, as a means of recognizing retiring employees whose contributions to the success of Holborn have been instrumental in perpetuating a culture of client service and teamwork.  David Melrose was the first Holborn employee to have been inducted into Holborn’s Ring of Honor while Tammy’s induction represents the twelfth such employee to have received the distinction.

Tammy joined W.J. Lehrke Co. in 1998 and subsequently became part of the Holborn family through the 2013 consolidation of the two reinsurance intermediaries.  Tammy’s continued service to Holborn and its clients for over a quarter century, coupled with her team-oriented approach to everything she does, underpinned the distinction of being inducted into Holborn’s Ring of Honor.

Frank Harrison, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, said “Tammy is a very classy individual and, importantly, one who can be counted upon.  After the merger, she never looked back, and she became a key member of Team Holborn.”