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Transition Services

Moving to a new broker doesn’t have to be stressful. Holborn’s Transition Services make the process as fast, efficient and seamless as possible by immediately integrating our team with our new client’s team. Throughout and after the transition, clients take comfort in knowing that all of our clients’ business is handled in the US and never outsourced – including collections of past claims.

Because Holborn does not “pass off” clients from a producer to a servicing broker, our new clients already know their Holborn team. We work together to ensure our new client’s team is comfortable with their Holborn counterpart. Paramount to our culture, much attention is put on the importance of relationships and mutual trust.

We encourage our clients to call on any member of their team or any member of the Holborn team at large, including our CEO. At the end of the day, we are developing lasting and meaningful business partnerships that we hope will last for decades.