Our Independence. Your Advantage.

From the CEO

Welcome to Holborn!

Since 1920, Holborn has taken a fiercely independent approach to treaty reinsurance, helping clients across the nation manage unpredictable, large loss events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, fires, hailstorms, and winter freeze, as well as terrorism, workplace injury, mass tort and latent liability claims. Cutting edge analytics, filtered through the judgment that comes with decades of experience, develops the best results for managing these catastrophic events.

We are privately held and 100 percent owned by our employees, which means Holborn’s Board, Senior Management, Brokers, Actuaries and other invested employees steer our course, answering only to the needs of our clients.

An Enduring Commitment to Clients

Our approach to service relies on customization provided by an experienced team rather than a cookie-cutter approach, which gives our clients a competitive advantage. This focus has paid off.

We know our clients – intimately – their corporate philosophy, financial goals, and risk tolerance. We develop close working relationships with employees throughout each client company. This team approach means there’s always someone here a client can talk to.

Tailored service, accessibility and sage counsel have been hallmarks of Holborn for generations, translating to long-term, trust-based relationships with dozens of clients that have been with us continuously for decades. Together, we constantly work through the issues of the day, and with the ups and downs of the cycles over time.

Clients tell us they enjoy shaking the same hands through the years. Holborn always uses its senior-most Account Executives to service clients day-in and day-out. Nuances and a full knowledge of the history of each account are hugely important in delivering value. Delivering that value is a source of great pride for us.

Employees are Our Strength

We recruit new employees carefully and train them thoroughly. As a result of our corporate culture and our employee-owned structure, Holborn employees make a strong commitment to the organization, as we do to them. Our durable business practices and limited bureaucracy allow younger employees to mature quickly by working on a variety of assignments, collaborating with Holborn’s senior staff and C-level executives from our client companies early in their careers.

Our Independence. Your Advantage!

Frank Harrison
Chairman of the Board & CEO