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Storm Summary for Deep South Event of 2/2/2016


Here are some final statistics and other data for the major weather events that impacted the deep south yesterday…

Downloadable Report: Hail Report for 02/02/2016
ZIP Code data Hail 0.25 inch or greater including housing values and housing/business counts

Downloadable Report: Tornado Report for 02/02/2016
ZIP Code data unrated tornadoes including housing values and housing/business counts

Downloadable Report: Wind Report for 02/02/2016
ZIP Code data Wind Gusts 50mph or greater including housing values and housing/business counts


Severe thunderstorm activity was widespread yesterday afternoon and evening across much of central and southern Mississippi into central and northern Alabama, as well as portions of mainly middle and eastern Tennessee.  The above image shows preliminary reports of damaging winds, measured high wind speeds, tornadoes and flash flooding.  A more detailed analysis, including demographic information, is contained within the spreadsheets attached to this email bulletin.

In total, approximately 600,000 single family homes were potentially impacted by high winds and/or tornadoes on Tuesday.  The bulk of this was from east-central Mississippi, east/northeastward into west-central and northern Alabama.  Many of the communities in this region would be characterized as small and/or rural.  As far as larger population centers are concerned, the most significant damage was relatively minor, mainly in northern portions of Birmingham, AL, where tree limbs and power lines were downed in spots by 40-50 mph wind gusts.

Tornadic Activity:
As far as tornadoes are concerned, the most significant tornado damage occurred in the Collinsville, MS area, including zip code 39325.  There are approximately 2257 single family home units in the region, and 63 commercial businesses.  Heavy damage was reported to the First Baptist Church and an adjacent apartment building there:


Extensive damage was also reported due to one or more tornadoes in the Aliceville, AL area, include the Federal Correctional Facility there which sustained heavy damage to administrative buildings at the complex.  The photo below shows damage to an unknown residential structure in Aliceville, AL:


Ground based post-storm damage surveys will be conducted, and as soon as results are available they will be posted.

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