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Severe Weather Threat Shifts to Eastern Seaboard 2/24



Severe thunderstorm activity with the primary risk of wind damage and scattered tornadoes will shift Eastward today, potentially impacting significant portions of the Eastern seaboard.

The area at greatest risk of severe weather (as shown in red and tan on the above image) includes a total population of approximately 8.0 million, which includes approximately 2.9 million single family homes.

 Strong to severe thunderstorms are ongoing at this time in Georgia and Florida, and will expand Northward into the Carolinas and portions of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast throughout the day today.  The area at greatest risk of experiencing severe weather (including tornadoes) includes the larger cities of:
Myrtle Beach SC
Greenville NC
Fayetteville NC
Raleigh/Durham NC
Norfolk VA
Virginia Beach VA
Richmond VA

It is possible that an isolated tornado or two could be strong and/or have a long track length in the above mentioned area.  Otherwise, damaging wind gusts are likely with any severe storms in this region, and spotty hail is also possible.

 Elsewhere within the larger severe weather risk area shown in yellow on the above image, scattered instances of mainly damaging winds can be expected today.  A few isolated tornadoes are possible, especially in the Florida portion of the “slight” (yellow shaded) risk area.

 We will continue to monitor this situation and issue relevant updates as conditions warrant.

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