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Holborn’s Dan Zitelli Speaks at Exceedance, RMS Conference 2015

“Can We Trust the Models?”

Holborn’s Zitelli Answers This and Other Essential Questions at RMS Conference

April 22, 2015 —There’s still time to reserve your spot at Exceedance 2015, which includes a thought-provoking presentation by Holborn Analytics VP Daniel Zitelli, CCRA, who asks the essential question:

“Can We Trust the Models?”

Responsible for much of Holborn’s Catastrophe Modeling since joining the firm in 1998, Dan will address this topic on Wednesday, April 29th, the third day of this annual catastrophe-risk management conference, which will be held at the historic Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach.

A highly respected voice among the more than 100+ scientists, developers, and engineers presenting at the conference, his breakout session will be held from 10:15 to 11:00 a.m.

Click here to download the presentation.

Click here to dowload the presentation.

Sponsored by Newark, CA-based RMS, Exceedance 2015, which runs from April 27-30, will feature over 100 experts in more than 60 sessions focusing on model science, research, and development.

In “Can We Trust the Models?” Dan will focus on the critical role that models play in managing most insurance companies, including such key areas as underwriting, ERM and reinsurance buying. His session will address the questions:

  • Do the losses fit the exposures or prior experience?
  • What about the tacit assumptions? Are they appropriate? And finally…
  • How do we account for the uncertainty and incompleteness?

You can join Dan and other thought leaders in the catastrophe risk-management field by calling +1-866-446-7725 or emailing registration2015@exceedance.com

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