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Holborn Announces Powerful, Client-Driven Technology Upgrades

New York, NY, May 14, 2015—Building on a comprehensive rebranding initiative launched earlier this year, reinsurance broker Holborn Corporation is making a large, multi-year reinvestment in services and technology to better serve its clients.

“All of these upgrades deliver more power, security, transparency and convenience to our clients.”
—Frank Harrison, CEO, Holborn

The upgrades reflect significant improvements to the firm’s Partner Portal (secured data transfer site), CATEX (accounting and claims system) and Eye in the SkySM, Holborn’s much-admired exposure management and catastrophe risk modeling application.

“All of these upgrades deliver more power, security, transparency and convenience to our clients,” says CEO Frank Harrison. “This initiative represents the technology side of Holborn’s strategy to deliver more value across the spectrum of our client touch points. The strategy starts with the type of people we hire, and the ongoing investment we make in their training and tools. It extends through to our investment in our digital platform.”

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Eye on Enhanced Simulations
Eye in the Sky 2’s new platform allows for larger datasets, faster response, more refined deterministic loss calculation and more flexibility and customization in conducting simulations and creating reports. Clients will now have the capacity for multiple log-ins, with simultaneous access to various datasets for easy comparisons and other options allowing more meaningful exposure analyses.

“We’re excited that Eye in the Sky 2 allows users to take any historical storm and run deterministic simulations on it for different parts of the country,” says Harrison. “They can recreate Super Storm Sandy over the user’s own area of concentration, along the west coast or the Florida panhandle, for instance.”

Further, enhancements to the CATEX Pivot Point Reinsurance Transaction System improve efficiencies and accountability by allowing clients greater transparency when tracking the progress of claims and reinsurer performance statistics.

New Home, Even Stronger IT
Based in New York, Holborn – which has a strong regional presence with offices in Minneapolis and Kansas City, Kan., as well as a disaster recovery plan with hot sites across the country – will be moving its home office in November, from Wall Street Plaza to 180 Maiden Lane in lower Manhattan’s financial district. “The importance of this move is that our new location will feature an upgraded IT infrastructure and a more open layout, which will facilitate teamwork in a collaborative atmosphere,” says Harrison.

Rebranding & Ongoing Focus on Reinvestment
All of these ongoing improvements are reflected in the reinsurance broker’s new logo, overall rebranding initiative and particularly its website, which offers an improved user experience and additional client functionality, including access to the Partner Portal and Eye in the Sky 2, for participating clients.

As it approaches its centennial in 2020, “Our Independence. Your Advantage.” Holborn’s new tagline, reflects the firm’s rich history and unique position as a 100% employee-owned firm within the reinsurance industry. For additional information, please visit Holborn’s new website at www.holborn.com.

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