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CATASTROPHE ALERT – Pensacola, FL Zip Code 32514

A violent tornado has struck the Pensacola, FL area sometime between 10:30 and 11:30 pm on 2/23/16.  There are widespread reports of significant damage including persons being trapped in collapsed single family homes and/or apartment units.

Drone footage has been obtained and can be viewed via the following link:

The drone footage appears to have been taken within the general area circled in yellow on the map screenshot below:


Preliminary information suggests that the most significant damage has taken place within the area outlined in red on the image below, and especially concentrated along and to the North of I-10 generally to the East of North 9th Avenue:


The images below were taken from social media and show a “before and after” photograph of damage in the Grand Baroque Townhomes near I-10 and Highway 90 in Pensacola:


From the vantage point of the photograph on the right, there appear to be no interior or exterior walls standing on this structure.  If that is indeed the case, the intensity rating of this tornado would be in the EF4-EF5 range.  Again, we cannot confirm this at this time, but the damage appears to be extensive regardless in this area.

Preliminary information suggests the following potential impacts from either damaging winds and/or tornadic winds:
Population Impact:  36,689
Single Family Home Impact:  17,564
Median Home Value:  $125,000

The zip code of primary impact is currently projected to be 32514.

We will continue monitoring this situation and issue additional updates as conditions warrant.  Look for a full updates as they become available.

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