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AIR Webinar Summary: 2016 Hurricane Season Preview

The Holborn team attended AIR’s 2016 Hurricane Season Preview webinar on June 9th. The following is a summary of the topics discussed in AIR’s 2016 Hurricane Season Preview

2015 Hurricane Season Recap

    Strong correlation between El Niño and 2015 hurricane season

  • Low Atlantic activity:
    • 11 named storms, 4 hurricanes
    • Hurricane Joaquin – $120Mn in damages and 34 lives lost
  • Eastern and Central Pacific experienced higher than normal activity:
    • 26 named storms, 16 hurricanes
    • Hurricane Patricia – EF-5 and the strongest hurricane ever recorded with $460Mn in damages and 0 deaths

Typical Season

2016 Hurricane Season Preview_Page_04

Factors Influencing the 2016 Season
• Current El Nino state – possible development of La Niña with cooler water entering

2016 Hurricane Season Preview_Page_08
• Atlantic Multi-decedal Oscillation – alternating warm and cold periods. Warm periods are often associated with a greater number of tropical cyclones

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• Temperatures across the tropical Atlantic are forecasted to be average or above average this season with increased Atlantic basin activity
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• Atlantic Meridional Mode – altering inter-topical convergence zone, which influences wind shear and Sea Surface Temperatures

Short Term Factors
• Saharan Air Layers – masses of dust, characterized by warm and dry air, which inhibit Tropical Cyclone development
• Madden Julian Oscillation – wave travels eastward around the globe for a period of 30-60 days and often causes 1-2 week period of increased tropical activity across ocean basins with the Atlantic active and Pacific inactive

2016 Seasonal Forecast
• Colorado State University predicts 14 named storms (above average), 6 hurricane (average), 2 major hurricanes (below average)
• NOAA predicts an average to above average season – La Nina is not definite and could change the outlook2016 Hurricane Season Preview_Page_19       2016 Hurricane Season Preview_Page_22


• Early storms can and will form, already have – including 1 hurricane Alex (January) and 2 more named storms (Bonnie, Colin)
• Seasons with 2 named storms by June 30 average 6.1 hurricanes, at the end of the season

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• There has been a major U.S. Hurricane landfall drought
2016 Hurricane Season Preview_Page_26
• Seasonal forecasts are unable to capture year-to-year volatility and resulting losses

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Holborn team for expert knowledge from our experienced cat modelers. For complete weather updates and news on impending storms throughout the 2016 hurricane season, check out Holborn’s Weather Center.

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