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Summary Information for Severe Weather Events of 2/23/16


Here are some final statistics and other data for the major weather events that impacted the deep south yesterday…

Downloadable Report: Hail Report Holborn 02/23/2016
ZIP Code data Hail 0.25 inch or greater including housing values and housing/business counts

Downloadable Report: Tornado Report Holborn 02/23/2016
ZIP Code data unrated tornadoes including housing values and housing/business counts

Downloadable Report: Wind Report Holborn 02/23/2016
ZIP Code data Wind Gusts 50mph or greater including housing values and housing/business counts



There were numerous reports of wind damage (yellow icons on the above image) and generally sporadic tornado touch downs (red icons on the above image) across the lower Mississippi Valley and Deep South region yesterday.  Large hail (pink icons on the above image) was generally confined to an area from northern Louisiana into central Mississippi.  The attached spreadsheets give a preliminary  breakdown of ground based reports for each category, as well as the potential demographic impacts.  Please also refer to your GIS data files on your server data folder and/or the StormIntelligence User Interface (UI) for additional graphical details.

 Preliminary Demographic Impact Summary:

Large Hail (≥1.0 inch in diameter):
Approximately 90,000 single family units
Estimated population:  230,000

 High Winds (≥50 mph):
Approximately 291,000 single family units
Estimated population:  770,000

 Tornadoes (and/or high winds in immediate vicinity of a tornado):
Approximately 56,000 single family units
Estimated population:  150,000

Pensacola, FL Area Tornado (or tornadoes):

A strong to violent tornado (or perhaps multiple tornadoes) struck the Pensacola, FL area late yesterday evening.  The most significant damage appears to be concentrated within the area outlined in red on the image below, and especially so along and to the North of I-10 generally to the East of North 9th Avenue where significant damage was done to a subdivision of townhomes and an apartment complex:


The images below were taken from social media and show a “before and after” photograph of damage in the Grand Baroque Townhomes near I-10 and Highway 90:


From the vantage point of the photograph on the right, there appear to be no interior or exterior walls standing on this structure.  If that is indeed the case, the intensity rating of this tornado would be at least in the EF4 range (3 second wind gust equal to or greater than 166 mph).  Again, we cannot confirm this at this time, but the damage appears to be extensive regardless in this area.

 Extensive damage was also documented via social media photos at “The Moorings” apartment complex (just Northwest of the I-10, Highway 90 intersection):


Preliminary information suggests the following potential impacts from either damaging winds and/or tornadic winds in the Pensacola area:
Population Impact:  36,689
Single Family Home Impact:  17,564
Median Home Value:  $125,000

The zip codes with primary impacts are 32514 (where damage is widespread) and 32504, 32503 and 32583 with at least scattered damage.

 Prairieville, LA Tornado:


At least one tornado touched down in a largely commercial area of Prairieville, LA yesterday.  Damage was caused to a Golds’ Gym (shown above) as well as a Popeye’s restaurant.

 When looking at the preliminary estimate of wind and/or tornado damage coverage in the area, the region of primary impact (circled in yellow below) is largely commercial, including the Popeyes and Golds Gym described above.  There are two relatively small pockets of single family homes to the North of that area (at the tips of the yellow arrows below), which may have sustained at least scattered damage due to sporadic tornado touch downs and/or peripheral wind damage:


It appears that a relatively isolated and/or brief tornado touchdown occurred at the Sugar Hill Mobile Home/RV park near Convent, LA yesterday afternoon.  Unfortunately, 2 fatalities have been reported there.

There does not appear to be any significant damage in surrounding areas, although this region is quite rural with respect to population as you can see on the above image.  There are several manufacturing plants in the area but none have reported any impacts thus far.

 Other Tornadoes:

The above sections summarize the most significant known tornado damage of yesterday.  It is quite possible that damage surveys today will reveal other tornado damage that is currently recorded as “wind damage”.  These updates will be provided as details become available.

 We will continue monitoring this situation and provide additional details, including ground based tornado damage survey data, as they become available.

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