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Significant Winter Storm Possible Midwest/Great Lake Region 2/2 to 2/3


We are monitoring the potential for a significant winter weather event for much of the Midwest and Great Lakes region primarily for the period Tuesday into Wednesday of next week (2/2 to 2/3).


We are still in the preliminary stages of monitoring this event, however at this time it appears that potentially significant accumulations of ice, a wintry mix and/or snow are possible – generally within the areas indicated on the above image.

Potentially significant winter weather impacts may occur within or near the following larger metropolitan areas:

-Twin Cities     (mostly snow)
-Chicago          (a mix or ice changing to snow)
-Detroit           (ice changing to a mix or snow)
-Kansas City     (a mix or ice changing to snow)
-Omaha           (mostly snow)
-Des Moines    (mostly snow)

While we are in the preliminary stages of monitoring this developing event, the following impacts are possible in at least some portions of the outlined areas on the map at the top of this image:

-Heavy snowfall (in “Snow” area only)
-Blowing and drifting snow (in “Snow” area only)
-Blizzard conditions (in “Snow” area only)
-Ice accumulation (mainly in “Ice” area)
-Scattered power outages (possible in all areas)
-Scattered downing of trees, tree limbs and power lines (possible in all areas)
-Scattered structural damage in the form of roof collapse (in “Snow” area only)
-Scattered damage to shingled roofs (mainly in “Snow” area where winds will be highest)

We will assign more specific impact threat levels by area in later updates as the situation becomes more clear.  The primary purpose of this initial alert is to make you aware that a significant winter storm is possible in the indicated areas during the general timeframe described above.

Please monitor for later updates as the forecast will likely change many times between now and Tuesday.