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Holborn Corporation Announces Next Generation of Leadership

Holborn Corporation (Holborn), a U.S.-based independent reinsurance broker, announced a number of Executive promotions within the ranks of its senior Brokers and Analytical Services unit. The announcement of these promotions was first made at Holborn’s recent employee-owned shareholders’ meeting in recognition of their professional accomplishments, and to reflect the elevated level of responsibilities that Holborn has assigned them.

These Executive promotions reflect Holborn’s commitment to ensuring that the firm’s leadership is well established for the future so the firm can continue to operate independently with a sole focus on client service. Each recipient is the embodiment of the Holborn ethos of always serving the interests of its clients, first and foremost.

The Executives will continue to report to Holborn’s President and Chief Brokerage Officer, Adam Manus.

Frank Harrison, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, said “Holborn’s success as an independent reinsurance firm is due to our commitment to teamwork and client service. We recognize the individuals we promoted have been instrumental in leading such efforts. Holborn has a glorious 100-year history. The establishment of our next generational leadership further cements the foundation for driving Holborn forward, as we set our course for the next 100 years.”

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