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Tracking Hurricane Matthew | How Eye-In-The-Sky Can Help

All eyes are on Hurricane Matthew, potentially the largest storm to hit the East Coast in more than a decade. Holborn is here to help clients understand their exposure and evaluate their loss potential.

With Holborn’s Eye-In-The-Sky, clients can access the storm path from Weather Guidance – with updates 4x a day. Probability wind cones are available via the Daily Events icon. Selecting either 34 Knot or 64 Knot will reflect the probability of either Tropical Depression force winds or Hurricane force winds.

The resulting image represents the probability of such winds occurring over the following 5 days. As depicted below, the map details the probability of Tropical force winds occurring for the 120 hour (5 day) period from 2am Wednesday, October 5th to 2am Monday, October 10th.



Using the same function, clients can view the probability of Hurricane force winds over the same 120 hour period (2am Wednesday, October 5th to 2am Monday, October 10th).


Once the parameters are set, a variety of analyses are available within EITS, including accumulations, distance to coast measures and policy summaries.

Keep up to date on Matthew’s movements at Holborn’s Weather Center.