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Storm Summary for Midwest Snow Event of 2/2/2016



The above image shows estimated snowfall since yesterday (based on satellite, radar and ground observations) from the winter storm it the Midwest.  Snow will continue to fall today in Wisconsin, and a wintry mix will develop in Michigan, but precipitation amounts in those areas today will be much lower than yesterday and last night.

Below is a summary of actual observed snowfall amounts in the following larger metropolitan areas thru 6am CST today:
-Twin Cities      The average snowfall was 5-7 inches in aggregate, but amounts varied widely across the metro area.  A band of heavy snow occurred to the South of I-494, with localized amounts of 12 inches to the South of the city in that area.
-Omaha            Average snowfall was 8-12 inches (highest North side of town, lowest South side of town)
-Des Moines    Average snowfall was 4-8 inches (again, highest North side of town, lowest South side of town)

Snow Drifts in Jackson, MN (along I-90) via Twitter

Some Observed Impacts:
-Extensive blizzard conditions occurred from southcentral Nebraska into west-central Iowa and extreme southern Minnesota.  Significant sections of I-80 were closed in Nebraska on Tuesday, as well as portions of I-90 and many state roads in far southern Minnesota.  I-70 was also closed West of Salina in Kansas on Tuesday afternoon and re-opened Tuesday evening.

-Ground stops were initiated at various times at both the Minneapolis/St. Paul International and Chicago O’Hare airport on Tuesday due to precipitation.  These and other weather related delays resulted in over 300 flight cancellations and several hundred more delayed flights across the air traffic system in the central and eastern U.S.

-The most extensive reported instances of power outages in populated areas occurred in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area on Tuesday, where approximately 25,000 were without power at the peak of the storm.  Most of those outages have since been repaired.

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