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Stonybrook Capital’s Outlook on the Mutual Sector

Holborn is pleased to share “The Mutual Sector Over the Next Few Years,” Stonybrook Capital’s Perspective. Within, Stonybrook predicts increased activity in the M&A and captial raise space over the next 24 to 36 months.Stonybrook_Mutual Forecast_Page_1

Influencing their prediction are the following factors:

  • Cultural – growing sophistication of mutual company leadership
  • Perceptions of the future of private passenger auto – highlighting the need to diversify away from PPA premium dependency
  • Technology – upgrading of legacy systems
  • Rating Agencies – driving the need for size and scale (e.g., rise of mutual holding company structure)

Stonybrook Capital is a small specialist investment banking firm, which a focus on the mutual insurance industry. Partnering with Holborn as an investor and business advisor, Stonybrook provides superior service and expertise.

Please download the full text here.


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