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PCI 2018 | Holborn’s Commitment to Clients

The Holborn team is fresh off the 2018 PCI Annual Convention in Miami, where many productive meetings were held with clients and prospective clients (as well as enjoying a little bit of sun) over the three days. This year’s meeting proved an important opportunity to distinguish Holborn from its larger brethren. The message is clear, Holborn remains “Resolutely Independent Since 1920.” A mantra that was evident in the Intelligent Insurer’s PCI Today interviews of our CEO, Frank Harrison, and Adam Manus, President.

Holborn, as an organization, prepares to celebrate its centennial in 2020 by continuing to evolve as its done for 100 years, while also maintaining its commitment to client advocacy, customized solutions, and good old-fashioned face-to-face conversations. As Mr. Harrison states, “walking down the corridor and talking to a colleague directly about how to solve a client’s need.” Or simply as getting on a plane to be in our client’s office; we want to be an extension of their organization by adding value and support to their everyday business planning and execution.

Our President, Adam Manus, stresses the importance of relationships with both clients and reinsurers. At the end of the day, the entire industry is trading on a promise and it’s imperative to have trust amongst all parties. With constant talk of new or cheap capital, Holborn finds that most clients “prefer to stick with these [long-standing] relationships instead of using capacity that could be short-term in its view.” Those relationships form the backbone of Holborn’s approach to reinsurance broking on behalf of clients.

As consolidation among reinsurers and brokers tops the news, Holborn is happy to stay the course and focus less on those headlines and more on the strength of our clients – the true mark of success.



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