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Holborn Leadership Announces Promotions, Officers

“Their hard work, sacrifice and commitment to Team Holborn is fully recognized.”
—Frank Harrison, CEO, Holborn

A number of exciting promotions, expanded job titles and new officers were announced at Holborn’s board meeting on April 20.

Assistant Secretary David Harding is now Assistant Vice President, while four other outstanding team members have been promoted to officer status, effective immediately. Senior Reinsurance Analyst Dane Lemeris, Senior Account Analyst Carmela Hernandez, and Senior Data Analysts Elizabeth Caponi and Shoulan Yang have all received the title “Assistant Secretary.”

Reinsurance analysts Ivan Charbonneau and TJ VanBerkel have been promoted to senior reinsurance analysts. Reflecting her added responsibilities, many of which involved the development and launch of Holborn’s new website, Vice President Weatherly Hammond’s title will now be “Vice President & Director of Marketing/Public Relations,” while Patty Hanson’s title has expanded from “Senior Administrative Assistant” to “Senior Administrative Assistant & Office Manager,” reflecting the increased responsibilities of her role.

“Please join me in congratulating these individuals on their well-earned and deserved promotions. Their hard work, sacrifice and commitment to Team Holborn is fully recognized,” said Holborn President, CEO and Chairman of the Board Frank Harrison on making these announcements.

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